Road Trip Beginning

This is the first of many posts about what I am expecting to be an exciting, challenging, exploratory chapter in my life.

Road Trip Log

06-01-19: Day 1: This is the beginning of an epic adventure. I am about embark on a month long, transcontinental road trip. A group of 5, and 6 for 11 days in the middle of the trip, will be headed west to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We will be visiting many national parks, hiking, camping, doing 2-3 day backpacking trips, and who knows what else!

The goal of this trip is to be present in our youth. We’re young now with few restrictions, the physical ability to handle this much outdoor activity, and when else would we be able to take an entire month off‽ 

06-02-19: Day 2: Nick, Ryan, Alex (nicks brother), Ashley (Nicks girlfriend), and I left Nicks parents house around noon yesterday and made it to a rest stop on the west side of Des Moines, Iowa at 3am. We’re driving Nicks grandparents 2004 Winnebago (VW) Rivalta RV – it’s modest luxury compared to the suburban which was the alternative. Ryan, Nick, and Alex are the only ones who have driven so far, but I’ll do a shift today. Having the ability to fold the back benches into the back allowed drivers to sleep off shift which allowed us to get as far as we did. Lunch was snacks and dinner was ham and cheese sandwiches (we have a mini fridge). Highlights of the drive include: a wicked loud hailstorm in the midst of heavy rain and intermittent lightning in Ohio, Alex initiating the Statly fun fact, stopping at the worlds largest truck stop (Iowa 80), and seeing a lot of windmills in Iowa. 

Now it’s 8:30am on Sunday and our destination is a camp site outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. The general plan is to arrive around dinner time tonight, claim a campsite, find a day hike to do, do the hike tomorrow, drive the scenic highway through the park, drive to Aspen, spend the night, do the Maroon Lake Four Pass Loop around the Maroon Peaks (14ers) over 3 days – weather permitting -, then drive south to Mesa Verde National Park (Ashley’s request). 

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