Phoenix Center Settlement!

October 31st marked a momentous day in the history of Pontiac by settling a deal with owners of the Ottawa Towers, officially ending the litigation that has limited the Phoenix Center for the past six years. Residents, developers, and I have anxiously been awaiting this day.

The big take away for me, a student researching the reuse of the Phoenix Center parking garage, is the commitment of funds allocated to repair the building, an official decision to not demolish the structure, and the knowledge that the city will retain ownership of the parking garage and plaza space above. Those three facts address much of the uncertainty around the future of the Phoenix Center which prevented previous investment attempts.

For more details of the legal settlement, please check out this article by The Oakland Press:

Pontiac strikes deal to keep Phoenix Center, $6M in repairs over next 10 years

Both photos by Natalie Broda, Oakland Press

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