Buffalo Central Terminal: Part 2_Volunteering

A few weeks ago at the Buffalo Central Terminal car show, I met a man who volunteered at the station and he encouraged me to join the group involved in (slowly) restoring the building, so I did and just before I left was treated to the view in the video above.
I found an eclectic group of individuals at the Terminal – mostly older and retired men, but a couple of younger guys too (but the group changes week to week) – they all shared a love for the building. Learning from them even for just a couple hours was so valuable and interesting. I imagine, that like the majority of the other volunteers who started 10-15 years ago, I too will fall in love with the place and return whenever I can in the years to come. The hard work and determination shown by this small group gives me hope for the building and the city of Buffalo; I’m proud  to be a part of that effort.

Although picking up tables and chairs isn’t exciting restoration work, it is important to the restoration efforts since the events held in the concourse generate money to fund more work.

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