From The Queen Village to The Queen City

From The Queen Village to the Queen City

As some of you already know, I have moved to Buffalo for the summer of 2018. This decision was possible in part due to my position at the SUNY Research Foundation which allows me to work remotely. Over the past four years I have visited Buffalo many times and become close friends with several people from the Buffalo area, who all recommended it for their own reasons. I wanted to try living somewhere a bit more urban, somewhere that would allow me walk or ride a bicycle more than drive my car. I am also preparing for my fifth year, architecture thesis, so what better place to explore than Buffalo? An ever-changing, international city that is adapting from its industrial past, is scattered with historical architectural icons, and is busy with events throughout the summer – all while being only 3 hours from home.

Ultimately, I ended up in Amherst, New York – not quite the Queen City, and not quite urban – but at least its much closer than Camden (NY). Regardless, I hope to make the most of this opportunity and experience as much of Buffalo as possible.

I plan to post more regularly to this site, so keep an eye out for new articles, and if you’re in Buffalo, maybe I’ll see you around!

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